US F1, do your homework!

The errors:

This would be a serious schedule/calendar on a serious website of a serious F1 team? Have you made it with Google image search without looking for correct facts, right?

That EU flag is a joke! That’s just an illustration to show the ccTLD [country code top-level-domain] of the European Union, that’s not the official flag of the EU. 4th in Google search, yeah it looks fancier and more cool with .eu in it, but it’s a fail.

The Hungarian flag, well, that’s not the Hungarian flag in this age, you’re late with it a couple of decades. That’s a historical country flag from the age of the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy. It was used till 1918, not anymore. Yeah, it’s so cool with angels and crest in it, but it’s a fail. Hungary is a republic long since, not a dual monarchy with Austria.

Dear US F1, you’ll miss out 4 races, if you follow your schedule, look at the dates of the races!

A classic came to my mind:

US [F1], get your facts and do your homework from geography!

Anyway, the UAE flag might be used for Abu Dhabi, but to be correct, that’s not the flag of Abu Dhabi.


8 thoughts on “US F1, do your homework!

    • Do you ask that about me? I love America, and the States!

      The YouTube video is just embedded, not my ‘work’. Not even a Hungarian’s work, that’s a ‘US product’. :P

      Why do you think I’d hate the US, just for telling the facts? The team puts itself and the US in shame with this. I know Hungarian F1 portals have made news from this, not only an innocent blog post.

    • You’re right too. Because of flying to the wrong location. But I supposed ‘in theory’, flying to Abu Dhabi instead of Brazil means they’ll find out the mistake and remain there for the final race. :D

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