Triple or quadruple diffusers for 2010?

Renault tested a new diffuser on the young driver testing days in Jerez, December 1-3. In recent news about their 2010 contender, the R30, there are notes about a possible quadruple diffuser. The Jerez-tested diffuser is at least a triple one, no doubt about that, but when I looked at the picture zoomed closely I noticed signs of that it might be even a quadruple diffuser.

Quadruple, sounded like an overkill idea, when people started to fancy about it soon after Toyota introduced its triple-decker for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Other teams mostly remained at their double-deckers through the season, even those which regularly beat Toyota. ‘Sometimes the less is more’, in this case ‘more effective’ or not? We’ll see on the winter tests which development paths the best teams will follow. I feel the FIA must step in and change the diffuser regulation from 2011, if these overcomplicated diffusers clog the overtaking. A quintuple [5 deck] diffuser, anyone?

Click the picture for full size:

Original picture:


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