Wheelbases revealed I

Update: I have a more precise result here for difference, and here for order.

Frissítés: A különbségre már van egy pontosabb eredményem itt. A sorrendre pedig itt.

After hours of measurings, calculating ratios, resizing and editing images…

Mercedes GP W01: approx 301cm

Ferrari F10: approx 321cm

Sauber C29: approx 327cm

McLaren MP4-25: approx 328cm

Who’s got it wrong, that is the question…


The picture is only illustration, I measured on 3500 pixel wide images, not with that, measuring front wheel diameter and wheelbase ratio. Then I measured rear wings to get cm data.

These are approx results, of course, and with unknown diffraction. Ignore the picture to review the written numbers*, it is just a small illustration and bears the numbers. Without it the blog post would be too boring and short. I purposely didn’t align the axles or draw lines, because the picture isn’t for that, neither for the measuring process. It’s only an image to show the approx numbers.

*Also I’ll keep continuing to measure the cars several times on different images, but currently there are few (good) images available. 1 image for 1 car is not enough to get more precise result, to narrow the diffraction.

Considering these 4 cars, I wanted to make a precise order. Longest: McLaren, second longest Sauber and so on… I think I was pretty accurate with that.


10 thoughts on “Wheelbases revealed I

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  2. Az is lehet, hogy tényleg tudnak valamit. Egyelőre még jó nagy a taktikázás, mindenki terel, ködösít, hazudik. :) Az mindenesetre jól látszik, hogy egyik csapat sem ülhet nyugodtan. Kíváncsi vagyok a Red Bullra…

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