Tune Of The Week: Darren Tate – Vespers (Original Mix)

“Flip to the other side of the coin and you will find Vespers which is anything but progressive. It’s a record that’s filled deep with emotion and has an immense presence from start to finish. The tempo is notched up a few BPM to add to the uplifting feeling the whole track creates. It’s not your straight forward uplifting affair though, this is trance the way Darren Tate likes you to hear it. Flowing along with a warm, soft but meaty main beat and smooth bass line the opening melody is fed in right from the word go. It’s not until the break that comes that the melody starts to come into its own, even adding a slight tribal effected vocal and gorgeous piano keys layered with a building backing sound that will soon explode. There is a soft break beat as all the elements mix together and a shortfall in the build that makes you wait for the main build up. When the beat does explode back into life the deep tone changes on the melody are inspiring. The whole track is brimmed with uplifting qualities and yet again another demonstration of perfect melodies fused together to work as one.” – i:Vibes review


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