BREAKING NEWS: Lewis gets a reprimand and a fine of $10,000

BREAKING NEWS: Lewis gets a reprimand and a fine of $10,000 for coasting around the final lap.

FIA statement: “McLaren instructed Lewis to stop on the circuit causing him to exceed the max time to return to the pits.”

Sources: JRobertsF1, byronf1


Hamilton fined and reprimanded for coasting

Saturday 12th June 2010, 21:46

Lewis Hamilton has been given a reprimand and a £6,850 ($10,000) fine for coasting at the end of his qualifying lap.

The McLaren driver secured pole in sensational fashion, however on his in-lap, the McLaren team told him to stop on track after the team suspected he wouldn’t have enough fuel to make it back and provide the necessary fuel sample for the FIA.

Instead of pulling off the track and stopping, Hamilton cut his engine and sat up in the cockpit before jumping out whilst his MP4-25 coasted along the straight, before proceeding to push his car.

The marshalls then took over allowing Hamilton to jump into the Medical car to return to the pits.

The regulations state that an in-lap must be within a prescribed +30% limit, which Hamilton failed to meet.

There were some worries that he could have been stripped of his pole position, however the FIA have decided that would have been a step too far.

Source: The F1 Times


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