Martin Haven Eurosport

I have been reading a short biography of Martin available on his blog. Then I realized I’m not fully sure which Eurosport commentator voice is him. I was familiar with his name, with his work (of course I follow him on Twitter long since), just his voice didn’t come to my mind then. It’s sometimes hard to remember about human voices and to identify with the right name. But I like him, he’s a great petrol head and commentator amongst other activites. So I felt I had to refresh my knowledge about him. He deserves it. I turned to YouTube to find a footage with his voice, the search for “martin” plus “haven” words gave false result, it was many different music videos from plenty of different Martins about heavens, haven’t and such. So I searched with that, what’s the title of this blog post, word Eurosport added.

This was the very first result. I got the answer too, it refreshed my voice memory. Isn’t it cute? :)

I thought I have to share this nice video as a gift and appreciation to him. Martin, keep up to good work! We love your stuff! Cheers!



One thought on “Martin Haven Eurosport

  1. Martin Haven nagy figura, én is nagyon kedveltem kommentátorként. Sajnos most már nem hallom, mert kábelen magyarul jön az ES.

    Emlékszem, annak idején (’99 körül) írtam neki, h mikor lesz újra F1 az EuroSporton, de nem válaszolt, pedig még ő reklámozta az e-mail címét F3000-es verseny közben. :(

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