Thursday Top Ten – Interlagos

Tnterlagos Thursday Top Ten – Two Thousand Ten

– in no particular order –


“Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Why Does My Soul Feel So Bad?”

McLaren presenting MP4-26 0.1 Public [Relations] Beta version in Interlagos, “Jenson is having a sh*t™”

Feeling the speed… again

Fireproof, you know, so it must Be Cool

Track Walk

Win it or bin it!

Good idea! – Brazilian Grand Prix and drivers

– You are Felipe, right? – No, Emerson… I’m Popeye

This guy leads the championship, so he must be on the list

Honorable mentions:

Although they can’t be on the list because of not obtaining our high standards; ladies and gentlemen, welcome The Clowns of Maranello, erm The Mechanics of Ferrari! – picture 1picture 2picture 3

Brazilian Grand Prix, here we go! Hajrá Interlagos, nem fogunk benned csalódni!


One thought on “Thursday Top Ten – Interlagos

  1. Remekül összefoglaltad a lényeget,kitűnő írás lett,még egy ilyen laikus számára is érthető,mint amilyen én vagyok.(bár lesz majd áramlástanom azt hiszem:D(bme-gpk))

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