Sound Design: Adding bite in Synapse DUNE

Adding Spice in DUNE

(If you wouldn’t know yet what is DUNE from Synapse Audio.)

Did I say Spice? I meant Bite for now, hehe. :P

DUNE’s oscillators are free running by default. It’s a feature which use to provide more organic, nautral and varied character, but sometimes for some types of sound it can be unwanted. For example for hard attacking snappy sounds Osc phase reset may be needed. At the Modulation Matrix reset the desired oscillators. Source: Const – Amount: 0 – Destination: Osc 1 Phase / Osc 2 Phase / Osc 3 Phase as required, depending on which oscillators are in use on that patch and how many of them you want without free running.

If that wouldn’t be enough for your design goal, you can go further. DUNE has Spice! Err, I mean Spike! And two types, Soft Spike and Hard Spike. Many times I find enough hard even the ‘Soft’ one. They are destinations at the Modulation Matrix. For a constant value, with “Const” Source set the Amount off from 0 as you wish (+ or -, it doesn’t matter in such MM routing).

Additionally you can shape the envelopes too by putting the specific Envelope as Source ahead of its envelope parameter as Destination. This way you can change the default curves of the envelope stages. For example you can make a pianoish release by a negative value.

I made a simple ‘snappy and biting’ preset from the Init sound, took a screenshot on the Modulation Matrix. See on the image below. Then I made a quick audio demo, how it sounds. It isn’t a maximum bite from DUNE, but the maximum would be annoyingly and – with higher volume levels – ear-hurtingly too biting. Take care with your ears! :)

You can listen and/or download the audio demo from my Box here (I recommend the download, as it is high quality at 320 kbps, the Box player isn’t). I spiced the sound up with a DUNE phaser and with a bit of delay. I automated a couple of parameters to make the snippet less boring. It wasn’t made to be a musical masterpiece, but it can show; DUNE can bite!


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