Indian GP in progress – Karun reports

Karun Chandok: Just driven into circuit – much easier than when @jakehumphreyf1 was here !! Workforce up 5 times since our last visit

Just completed 2 laps – no need to take diversions or avoid lakes this time ! Progress on track is amazing in 6 weeks… Pics soon

Still get goose bumps everytime I drive around here !!

So fantastic to have big dreamers like the Gaur family to bring F1 to India !

They’ve just moved 3500 people in the last 15 days to ramp up progress !! Also means they need a 100 cooks for food apparently…

Museum taking shape…

The awesome banked turns 10-11 – will be over 210 kmh through here !

Turn 15 with the huge grandstand up ahead

The grandstands really taking shape – are you going to be in it ??

Pits and team buildings starting to look more in shape now !

The climb uphill through turn 2 towards the blind turn 3…


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