Car launch schedule – updated

Official Team Lotus date added. We can see the new car revealed in ‘online’ content, from a free magazin of the team (probably in .pdf format). It’s the continuity of that what the team already offered last year race by race. Subscribe here to get it for free!

Car designation changed to “simplify what could have been another point of contention” (spokesperson told). To understand this you have to know the [formerly guessed ‘expected’] T128 was coming from a numbering which originated from a system which involved both Lotus Cars and Team Lotus. Both companies added to the count when they made a new road car or race car project. Now Group Lotus and Team Lotus are independent from each other. Team Lotus couldn’t even know in advance what car projects Group Lotus is planning and realizing. Would be controversy and/or confusion even if they’re reflecting to the GL projects and even if they’re not. It was a logical and peace-seeking move.

Update: Ferrari will use a special designation for this season, “to pay tribute to this year’s one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Unification of Italy”.

TEAM              CAR                          DATE               PLACE

Red Bull Racing   RBR-Renault RB7              Feb. 1 08:30 CET   Valencia, Spain
McLaren           McLaren-Mercedes MP4-26      Feb. 4 12:00 CET   Kaisersaal Berlin
Ferrari           Ferrari F150                 January 28         Maranello, Italy
Mercedes          Mercedes W02                 February 1         Valencia, Spain
Renault           Renault R31                  Jan. 31 12:00 CET  Valencia, Spain
Williams          Williams-Cosworth FW33       February 1         Valencia, Spain
Force India       Force India-Mercedes VJM-04  be/for/e 2nd test
Sauber            Sauber-Ferrari C30           Jan. 31 11:00 CET  Valencia, Spain
Toro Rosso        STR-Ferrari STR6             February 1         Valencia, Spain
Team Lotus        Lotus-Renault TL11           Jan. 31 06:00 CET  Team Lotus Notes
Hispania Racing   HRT-Cosworth F111            3rd test at best
Virgin Racing     Virgin-Cosworth MVR-02       February 7         London, UK

Green = Official precise date
CET = Central European Time (UK time = CET - 1 hour) / Közép-európai (magyar) idő

Valencia          Circuit Ricardo Tormo                           February 1-3
Jerez             Circuito de Jerez                               February 10-13
Barcelona         Circuit de Catalunya                            February 18-21
Bahrain           Bahrain Iternational Circuit                    March 3-6

2 thoughts on “Car launch schedule – updated

    • De, javítottam. Az F11 csak tippszinten volt a listán a kezdetektől, amíg nem lehetett tudni a pontos hivatalos nevet. Emiatt írtam zárójelbe is az autó már ismert projektnevét a 662-t. F150 ezidáig még pletykaszinten sem került tudomásomra, tegnap lett bejelentve, de tegnap még lemaradtam róla. Szégyen, nem szégyen, Olaszország egyesítésének 150 éves évfordulója meg nem is volt a fejemben tippszinten, pedig anno jó voltam történelemből, de ez nálunk nincs a köztudatban. A Ferrari tett róla, hogy legyen legalább az F1 közönség számára. :)

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